Stainproof, waterproof, eco-friendly, VOC-free treatment specifically for protection against stains, water and damp on all limestone surfaces

ECOSEAL LIMESTONE is a water-based, VOC-free impregnating agent made with fast biodegrading, plant-based materials that are Ecolabel recognised or certified. Specifically to protect any limestone surface against stains, water and damp.

ECOSEAL LIMESTONE will not change the tone, colour or appearance of the limestone surfaces to which it is applied. It penetrates deep down without creating surface films and therefore will not alter the original breathability of the treated surface.

ECOSEAL LIMESTONE protects surfaces in limestone against stains since it prevents staining substances from penetrating inside the stone. Wine, coffee, oil, grease, ink, fruit juice and any other staining substance accidentally spilled on treated surfaces will wipe off easily without leaving stains, residues or marks.

ECOSEAL LIMESTONE also protects marble surfaces against rising damp since it gives treated surfaces great water-repellent properties preventing water from penetrating or rising up through the stone.

ECOSEAL LIMESTONE is a ready-to-use product; it is quick and easy to apply and guarantees effective, lasting protection to all limestone surfaces, such as floors, tables, furnishing elements, bathroom tops, and kitchen tops, since it is certified for contact with food substances.

Like all products in the Greentech line, ECOSEAL LIMESTONE is eco-friendly and 100% water based. It is made using biodegradable ingredients, will not harm health or the environment, and it comes in recyclable, biodegradable plastic.



ECOSEAL LIMESTONE rev 2.0 TDS EN CLP.pdf Click here to download data Sheet