Eco-friendly detergent specific for oily and greasy surfaces.

CLEAN DEGREASER is a water-based detergent made with biodegradable, plant-based ingredients. It is a specific product for day-to-day cleaning of all surfaces, indoors and outdoors, with greasy dirt or build-up of grease.

CLEAN DEGREASER is a ready-to-use product, applied quickly and easily, thanks to the practical spray dispenser and it acts effectively on all types of dirt, such as oil, grease, build-up, stains, food residues, and stubborn dirt, etc., without damaging the surfaces on which it is used.

Like all products in the Greentech line, CLEAN DEGREASER is eco-friendly and 100% water based. It is made using biodegradable ingredients, will not harm health or the environment, and it comes in recyclable, biodegradable plastic.


CLEAN DEGREASER rev 2.0 TDS EN CLP.pdf Click here to download data Sheet