• AC 300

AC 300

High-penetrant, water-based, water-repellent treatment for rising moisture prevention and grout release specifically for cotto and terracotta

AC 300 is a high-penetrant, water-based, water-repellent, impregnating treatment specifically for use on cotto and terracotta. Its use is specifically recommended before installation, as it protects the material during the grouting process, making it easier to grout, wash and clean at the end of installation, since it notably reduces water absorption by particularly absorbent materials, such as cotto and terracotta. AC 300 creates an effective protective barrier against dirt from grouting and it prevents the grout used from staining the treated materials. At the same time, it drastically reduces the amount of time needed for terracotta or cotto to dry after the final wash, which would otherwise require much longer timeframes, delaying the application of the successive treatment, which with AC 300 can also be applied within a very short time.

The use of AC 300 also adds distinct water-repellent properties that provide effective protection to cotto and terracotta against rising damp, preventing all of the problems this brings: efflorescence, emergence of salts, algae, mould, dark marks of damp, peeling and detachment of materials. AC 300 penetrates the material deep down, without forming surface film; therefore, it does not affect the original breathability of cotto. Its use will not change the tone, colour or original appearance of the material and will not reduce adherence between it and the adhesive used. AC 300 is a product that has been specifically developed so as not to have a negative impact on the effectiveness of protective treatments applied later; on the contrary, it enhances both performance and durability.




AC 300 rev 2.0 TDS EN CLP.pdf Click here to download data Sheet